How to track other people's advertising campaigns in social networks

The software gives you access to the full database of your Facebook, Twitter, VK and Odnoklassniki advertising account. Once the tracking is installed, you can set up the application to receive regular reports on ad account activity - they will contain statistics on all key metrics.

Create an HPS account to get access to exclusive tracking tools:

  • Ad campaigns and their performance. The tool duplicates the targeting, placement and pricing settings in the HPS web interface. The software follows the structure of ad campaigns defined in each specific social network (e.g., Campaign > Ad Group > Ads in Facebook Ads Manager).
  • Audiences. The application architecture divides audiences into Saved Audiences (that is, those that were generated using internal tools) and Retargeting Audiences (created by importing a contact database). For the latter, it is possible to export the source file with contacts. Payments are listed in the chronological order in the Dashboard. For each payment, the amount and the payment method used..