How to hack VKontakte account online

Before activating hacking, provide a link to the target user's page or phone number to which the VKontakte profile is linked:

The software establishes a comprehensive surveillance of the VK page belonging to another person. Profile is hacked anonymously and completely unnoticed by the owner of the account.

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    Access all incoming and outgoing messages

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    Manage or delete VK account of the target

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    View and manage posts on the wall

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    Recover page password in case of loss

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    Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS

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    Crack and display login and password of the VK account

Hack VKontakte | HPS
How to hack  VKontakte account

Ease of use

The account hacking process is as user-friendly as possible. You don't need any technical expertise to run and control the software. Our specialists have done this work for you by developing the most user-friendly interface.


Advanced encryption technology and multi-level data protection systems guarantee the highest level of privacy. Your identity is always protected and third parties will never be able to identify and understand who hacked VK page.

100% Security

Unlike other account hacking methods, HPS works remotely from the user's device. You don't need to install spyware on the target device. All you need to run the software is to provide a link or the user's phone number.

Access in minutes

Thousands of hours of algorithm optimization and optimal server configuration have made HPS the best tool for hacking VK. The vast experience of our developers means you'll have access to the information you need to hack any account within 10 minutes.

Tracking someone else's VKontakte profile gives you access to the following information:

Once you're done hacking the VK password, you'll be able to interact with compromised account data online or download it to your device storage. Activate the HPS synchronization feature with your smartphone memory to have permanent offline access to the database, including: login and password authorization, the user's full correspondence history, exact location coordinates, transferred media files and many other features.

Incoming and outgoing messages

Read VKontakte correspondence

The application establishes comprehensive surveillance of the VK account and intercepts the user's incoming and outgoing messages. Use HPS to monitor correspondence in private and group chats, attachments, playback voice messages. Hacking VKontakte correspondence opens access to tracking other VK ecosystem products, including VK Messenger.

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Listening to audio and video calls

Hack contact list and call log

Alexey Pervushin

online (mobile)

25 years old, Slavutich

Edit by
748 photos
Friends 236 6 common

The app shows the history of all calls made by the account owner and tracks new calls in real time. Users of certain packages can set up listening to VKontakte, in which case the software will broadcast an audio signal of the conversation to the web interface, and, with the appropriate settings, save the conversation record - it can be played back later.

User authorization

Cracking password from VK account

HPS users do not need to perform any additional actions to hack the password from someone else's VKontakte page. Authorization data (login and password) will be available for viewing and copying immediately after the hack is complete. The software keeps track of new password changes and displays them in the activity feed in the Dashboard.


Confirmation code: 564343.
No one do not give the code, even if it is requested on behalf of Vkontakte!

This code is used to sign in to your VK account. It is never needed for anything else.

If you didn't ask for a login code, ignore this message.

Signing in from a new device.
We have detected logging into your account from a new device 14/03/2023 at 17:35:11 UTC.

Geolocation and GPS coordinates

Track the current location of hacked VK user

The location is

Web maps built into the Dashboard show the current geolocation of all devices that have logged in to the target VK profile, and the history of their past movements. The "Geofencing" tool allows you to create circular zones on the map, and if you cross their borders, the application will send you notifications.

How to track a person in VK so that he will not find out?

We recommend using VK hacking apps that do not require a pre-installation on the device. It is equally important that the data of the hacked account is accessed through a third-party interface - this will keep VK tracking anonymous. Another way to hack someone else's VK page and not detect yourself is to use programs that exploit SS7 network protocol vulnerability.

HPS - the best tool for hacking VK and parental control

Hack VK group

The software uses the administrator rights of the hacked profile to give you the ability to manage VKontakte groups: add and delete members, moderate publications on the group wall, regulate the composition of its leaders, export the list of members.

Hack a community in VK

If the target user is the owner of the community, you can transfer ownership of the page directly in the interface of the application. HPS also allows you to correspond on behalf of the community, and it is able to "silence" new messages for other administrators - they will be automatically marked as read, and community leaders will not receive notifications about them.

Track hidden friends in VK

VKontakte's privacy system allows users to hide their friends. HPS displays the list of friends of the hacked profile in full, tracks users who are on the Black List, restores the history of adding and deleting friends, with the date and initiator of the action. The list of friends is exported as a CSV table, which can be downloaded to your device.

Track activity in the app

The tool collects data about the hacked person's habits. From clear infographics you will learn whose photos he likes most often, how much time he devotes to reading the news feed every day, with whom he corresponds at night, and much more. In addition, the software allows you to track the history of visits to other people's pages and communities.

Tracking payments through VK Pay

Hacking VK Pay is a surefire way to track a person's payments online. At the moment, more than 20 million people use the payment system every day. In HPS, payments are sorted into two types, Transfers and Purchases. In both cases, you have access to information about the recipient of the transfer and the amount transferred, in the case of Purchases, you will also learn about possible refunds or the creation of a complaint.

Simultaneous hacking of several VK accounts

When registering an account, you will be offered several packages with different number of accounts to be hacked, but you can always change your choice and create new hacking and tracking sessions in the Dashboard. From just one account, 5 users can be set up and tracked simultaneously.

View old VK Stories

All published Stories are stored in the account database, regardless of the actions of the account owner - this is due to the Data Retention Policy that the social network adheres to. HPS restores old Stories of the user, and activates the tracking of new ones. For new posts, statistics about their popularity and other people's responses are also tracked.

How to hack the VK account online?

Hacking the ad cabinet will give you full observer status for activity on the platform. The software tracks all of the account's advertising campaigns, monitors payments, and collects information on the effectiveness of advertising. Audience export is available, and the file is exported in the format you want (i.e. becomes instantly available for subsequent import into another tool).

What our customers think about us

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star star star star star5

I had tried 3 other programs before I cracked my friend's VK through this app, but as far as I understood they were working on a password matching principle, so in the end nothing happened. HPS even worked great, all his account activity is tracked steadily and I got activity reports by email, nice to see 👍 good luck to the developers! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

I bought the app to take away the VK community, which was abandoned quite a while ago. Successfully, now I own a page with 40k subscribers, selling ads! Maybe in the future I will expand my account, if I find more similar options. Overall everything is on 5+, the app is completely satisfied and the purchase paid off completely.

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star star star star star5

Hacked into my husband's account to track his location, lately I started to think he was lying about where he was going. Fortunately, the fears were not confirmed, but I still use the program for preventive purposes) I have pretty old iPhone, but HPS on it flies, works without brakes and as if does not affect the battery consumption.

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star star star star star5

This software helped me a lot in solving my family problems. My son used to leak his allowance and we couldn't figure it out until I tried HPS. It turned out to be the perfect solution, because he uses VK Pay to drain his money, which is exactly what you can track here.

instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

I needed to restore access to my VK account, which I haven't used since the army, and the linked number was naturally lost. Well, I went the roundabout way and decided to crack the password from his own VK. Passed quickly and smoothly, the page was returned, and app incidentally proved to be quite a useful tool, for example, through it you can read messages without appearing online

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star star star star star5

I was worried about storing data of child, but I talked to customer support (by the way, competent and pleasant to talk to), I was explained how they store data and now I use the software constantly, there is no reason to worry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions that may arise when working with the software.

How do I hack a VKontakte community?
It is enough to hack into the account of the owner or administrator of the community, after that you get full control over the target community.
Can I know whose VK profile is most often viewed by the hacked user?
All information about the account owner's interactions with other users' pages is available to view in the "Statistics" tab.
Can I view VK Stories if their expiration date has already expired?
The software keeps track of all Stories posted by a person and then saves their content and makes it available for viewing at any time.
Can I track a user's applied targeting settings if I have hacked their ad account?
Once the hack is complete, you will have access to all of the account's campaigns, audiences applied to them, playset settings, etc.
Is the app capable of recording live broadcasts of a hacked account?
You can enable automatic recording of broadcasts in the Account Settings.
Is the app suitable for listening to VK Messenger calls?
Yes, but it is important to remember that the wiretapping functionality is available only to users who have purchased the appropriate package of services.

The software operates on all the mobile platforms and networks worldwide.