Because of the industry sector we work in, we take privacy and security of personal data very seriously. The team at HPS software have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of hacking and cyber crime, and we know the methods used. We also know how to block them and mitigate the risk of data breaches.

We use multi-layer encryption in all transactions. That applies to data we receive as well as data we send. Your identity and personal data are 100% secure. Even if a third party tried to force us to disclose personal information about our customers, we don’t have it.

As a further protection to our clients, we only accept payment in Bitcoin. Credit card transactions could be traced back to the owner if we accepted card payments, so we deal in un-traceable digital currency. If you haven’t used them before, it’s easy to buy Bitcoins and use them for online transactions. Using digital currencies means no one will ever know what you are buying or paying for and there is no paper trail as with credit cards.

When you open an account with the HPS social network hacking service you can be confident that your identity and personal data are totally secure. No one will ever know you have used the service or which social network accounts you have the passwords for. The login details to any accounts we hack are only available to the customer who asked and paid for them, and we never share these. If a user realizes their account has been breached, they will not be able to trace the identity of source of the hacker.

HPS software value our reputation and are her for the long term, so we protect your privacy unlike any other hacking service.