How it Works

We’ve made the process of getting the password to your chosen social network as easy as possible. Our Customer Support team work 24-7 if you do need any help.

Here’s our 5 step process for getting the password to any Facebook, Twitter or other social network account.

    1. We connect our software to the target social network. In the background, HPS Software monitors the server activity of the network checking for updates and coding changes which are routinely made every day. Vulnerabilities in the security of social networks occur briefly when coding changes are made, and we lock onto these. Using a series of algorithms, HPS software reverse-engineers the encryption of the social network.

    The activity of an individual user is assessed so we can determine the best way to hack their password. We prefer to keep our exact methods secret, but this process involves looking at how often a user logs on, whether they access via mobile apps and other factors.

    3. Once we have a pattern of the user’s access and security provisions, we decide the best tactics for hacking their password.

    4. Confidential data is extracted from the target’s account. This process is invisible, and takes place in the background. They will not be aware their social network security has been compromised.

    5. Once we have the user’s password, this appears in the Control Panel of your account. The time taken to deliver a password varies. Hacking social network profiles can take us between an hour and a couple of days. Factors affecting this include the complexity of the password, how the user accesses their accounts and the encryption used by the social network.

We stress that you do not need to download or install software at any stage. Hacking social network accounts remotely isn’t easy, but it’s the most secure way to get a user’s password. Installing spyware on someone’s computer or smartphone is only possible if you have physical access to their device. The HPS hacking service guarantees to unlock any social network account remotely.

How to Use the HPS Hacking Service

Our technical experts and support team do all the work for you, and we make the process as easy as possible. You don’t need to understand the coding or decryption, or how to hack social networks.

This is the 6 step process to get the password to any social network account.

1 – Register an account in the Control Panel. This only takes a few minutes, and registering allows you to hack Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. We guarantee that your personal details are 100% secure and that your identity remains anonymous.

2 - Chose a social network for hacking. One account allows you to hack all social networks, but you will be asked to select a target for each campaign. The system allows you to target multiple accounts over time. For example, you could hack the password of someone’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles.

3 - Enter the URL of the target social network account. This is very simply, you simply cut and paste the URL from the person’s account. Our technical support team are ion hand 24-7 if you need help with this.

4 - Activate the hacking process. Your part of the process is now complete, and you simply hit the button and let our experts do their work. In the background, we are constantly scanning for social network security vulnerabilities. These occur on a regular basis as updates, security enhancements and server changes are made. Changes to our hacking algorithms are made around the clock to exploit security loopholes in the networks.

5 – Wait for confirmation that the target account has been hacked. This can take between several minutes and several days. Most users of social networks have little awareness of the dangers of hacking, and their accounts can be unlocked in minutes. If a social network has multi-layer encryption and the target has strong passwords, it can take days.

6 – Receive confirmation the user’s password is in the control panel. Once we’ve unlocked a password, you will have full access to the user’s account. You will be able to view their private messages, photographs and content.

7 - Gain access after payment process. Once you have paid, we release the password to you. If the user changes the password we simply repeat the process. It’s recommended that you don’t make changes to a user’s profile or post messages or content on their account as this can alert them to the security breach.