Affiliate program

customer acquisition program is implemented with the aim of providing services wishing to obtain free access by hacking mobile data networks.

The following are the details for the use of services:

  • After completing the registration process you are given individual affiliate link in the "Clients" in the personal account.
  • This reference has indefikatsionny number fixed for you.
  • Place a link to online resources, websites, blogs, social networks, forums, share the link with friends and acquaintances via Skype, ICQ, Whatsapp, Viber.
  • When the customer clicks a link to your individual service detects this transition and assigns it for your ID.
  • The data conversions and registrations are displayed in the Personal Area in the section " Customers ".
  • Follow the statistics of transitions and their earnings.
  • When you reach a balance of bonus funds in the amount sufficient to access a single payment, the funds will be credited automatically to your account.
  • Earn Money Pay service services.

    To use an affiliate program - Register .

An example of the individual links:


Popular resources: