1. What is HPS software?

  2. How does it Work ?

    We do not reveal our exact methods for commercial reasons. We use a series of algorithms to defeat the encryption of passwords.

  3. How to pay for services?

    You can pay for the services of HPS via credit card or via electronic money. Detailed instructions are located in your account under the ‘Payment’ section.

  4. How long does it take for funds to reach my account?

    Processing time takes 1 to 24 hours. In the absence of response within 24 hours , please contact our customer service, specifying the payment method , payment time and amount.

  5. What user information will be available after a successful payment services?

    Once we hack a social network account password, you will have full user access to the chosen account. This includes private messages, photographs and video files. The exact content depends on the target social network and what facilities are available to users.

  6. How do I find the address of the user's page?

    Simply search for the user on your chose network, and cut and paste the URL in your account.

  7. What guarantees are offered?

    We have never failed to hack an account. The time it takes for us to complete the process can vary, but we offer a refund guarantee if an account can’t be unlocked.

  8. Do I need to install spyware on the target’s devices?

    The script installed on the remote resource operates independently, without the need to install any third-party applications. Unlike most password hacking services, HPS software do not need you to have physical access to a person’s computers or devices.

  9. For what period of time will access be available to a social network page?

    Access will be available as long as the user's login password remains the same. If they change it, we can repeat the process and unlock the account again.

  10. What mobile devices are supported ?

    HPS supports all modern mobile devices running operating systems : Windows, mscOS, iOS, Android.